My Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill

Chris Loder, the MP for West Dorset, introduced his Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill in the House of Commons on 5th February 2020. The Private Members’ Bill makes provision for the maximum penalty for certain offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to be increased from six months to up to five years.

The Bill's second reading took place in the House of Commons on Friday 23rd October 2020.

The MP, who is a fourth generation farmer’s son and an advocate of high animal welfare, says his own dog Poppy, a Springer Spaniel, is his inspiration for the Bill. She was cruelly abandoned at the roadside in West Dorset but is now a much-loved farm dog and family pet. He says:

“It is high time as a nation that we take the lead on global standards for animal welfare and hand down tougher custodial sentences for those who inflict the worst kinds of cruelty on innocent animals. My Bill, which I’m pleased has cross-party support and is fully endorsed by the RSPCA and other animal welfare charities, delivers a strong message to animal abusers that their behaviour will no longer be tolerated. 

The Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill has been introduced to the House of Commons, before moving to the House of Lords. If passed, it will come into effect in two months after it receives Royal Assent.

You can track the progress of the Bill here:…

Read the Bill as introduced:

Read Parliament's Explanatory Notes:…

To read the full Government report on Chris Loder's Bill CLICK HERE



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Animal Welfare Bill completed Lords stages

Lord Randall of Uxbridge kindly congratulated me on on pushing my Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill through Parliament. There have been many pandemic-related challenges, but I'm delighted that the Bill has now completed all stages in both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Chris's Animal Welfare Bill approved by both Houses of Parliament

My Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill have sucessfully completed passage through the Houses of Parliament. The Bill completed its Third Reading in the House of Lords this afternoon and will now be taken to Her Majesty the Queen to give her Royal Assent.