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I am strongly advocating for faster broadband for West Dorset homes and businesses, improved mobile phone reception, connectivity infrastructure and community fibre projects.

If you have slow broadband, complete my survey below

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Chris pushes Government to invest in Dorset broadband

Chris spoke in the House of Commons on the importance of improving broadband in rural areas. He noted that it is unacceptable that over 36% of West Dorset constituents have internet speeds of slower than 30 Mb/s.

My campaign on faster broadband speeds for West Dorset

In the past year I’ve made considerable inroads on getting faster broadband speeds for West Dorset; a campaign of even greater importance at a time when we are all so dependent on digital technology to work and learn from home. I’ve pushed the Digital Minister, Matt Warman, on this in the House o

Support my survey on 'Auntie Beeb'

The BBC is one of our great British institutions; even affectionately referred to as ‘Auntie Beeb’. That’s one of the reasons why current criticism of the service can seem a little uncomfortable – after all, who likes to turn on a favourite Aunt?