Re-opening the A30 in Sherborne

I’ve been working on the situation with the A30 in Sherborne for a good couple of weeks now and would like to update you. There are two main issues.


I am helping to find options for resolution with this complex situation where a vehicle has collided with the wall on Kitt Hill which is in private ownership and I’m hopeful we will have positive news later this week.

The notice suggesting the closure of the road until 2023 is not acceptable, although I think this is a admin issue rather than a declaration of genuine intention.


In my opinion, Cornhill has been unnecessarily closed to local traffic. I appreciate there may have been valid reasons at the beginning of the closure, but I am of the view this situation has been made much worse for Sherborne residents as a result of Cornhill being closed with no ongoing operational or safety reason that could not be managed. I am now also very concerned that emergency services cannot travel through Sherborne in a timely fashion in the easterly direction.

Cornhill has been closed at the request of Cllr Matt Hall, Lib Dem Sherborne West Councillor. This has been a devastating decision in my view and I think it should be changed.

Above is the email letter sent by me to Cllr Hall on the 29th March 2022.

My petition can be found at: