Dentistry in West Dorset

There is evidently a regional issue with the provision of NHS dentistry in the South West. Access and provision to NHS dentistry is sparse in West Dorset, and this is simply not right. I've spoken in Parliament, met with the Minister for Dentistry, and held meetings with local dental practices and Dorset NHS. To better understand your experience, I'd appreciate it if you could complete the below survey. 

West Dorset Dentistry Survey

  • Current Provision of NHS dentistry
  • Access to NHS dentistry
  • Additional thoughts on NHS dentistry
  • Your details
Are you registered with a local NHS dentist?
Were you registered with a local NHS dentist?
What type of dental treatment did/do you require?
Routine treatment - e.g. check-ups, fillings, extractions
Emergency treatment - e.g. abscess, infections, complications from surgery
Cosmetic treatment - e.g. teeth whitening, teeth straightening
Specialist treatment - e.g. hygienist services