Stamp Duty Land Tax Surcharge for Non-UK Residents

A Conservative majority government will introduce a higher rate of stamp duty for those buying property who are not UK tax residents.

At present, foreign individuals and companies who are not tax resident in the UK are able to buy homes as easily as those who live here.

Tax cut promise for working people in West Dorset

A Conservative majority Government will cut taxes for millions of working people on low and middle incomes, the Prime Minister has announced. Chris Loder, West Dorset candidate, said:

Conservatives to protect funding for British farmers

The Conservatives are committing to protect funding for British farmers, enabling them to take full advantage of the opportunities of Brexit. In a significant boost to the farming sector across the UK, a Conservative majority government would match the current annual budget available to farmers i

The Environment and Climate Crisis

We have already begun in West Dorset, and nationally, to put changes in place to protect the environment and deal with the climate crisis. However much more needs to be done, everybody acknowledges this.

Support for Armed Forces that keep our nation safe

The Conservative Party today, on Remembrance Sunday, renews its commitment to the Armed Forces with a bold new package of measures to support military personnel, veterans and their families, in recognition of the role they play in keeping the nation safe.

The Sherborne Podcast

On the first official day of the 12th December 2019 General Election campaign, listen in to The Sherborne Podcast and my views on growing up and living in Sherborne, my 4th generation family farm, Brexit, railways, council tax, housing and my plans for the future of West Dorset. 

Brexit and Me

Since the announcement of the general election I have experienced a huge increase in personal contacts, on social media and in person, from constituents asking me what Brexit means to me. I am very clear and principled on my views regarding Brexit.