Stopping Non-Stun Slaughter of Animals

Animal welfare is one of the most important values we hold dear as a country and as a farmer's son, it is one of the driving principles behind the work that I do in Parliament.

However, our status as an animal loving nation is being undermined by the barbaric practice of non-stun slaughter which remains endemic in this country.

Normally, animals are 'stunned' before slaughter to render them instantly unconscious, minimising any pain or discomfort the animal may experience in its last moments.  However, this basic and humane welfare practice is being bypassed. Animals are forced to die in often torturous, agonising and drawn-out deaths, bleeding to death while still fully conscious.

Almost a quarter of sheep and goats in the UK are slaughtered like this along with 19 percent of poultry. This contributes to well in excess of 94million animals lives ended in the most brutal way imaginable, just in 2018 alone.

Farmers are waking up across the country and reacting against this practice. The thought of sending any animal to have their throats slit while conscious is sickening to the majority of caring farmers across the UK. 

I will campaign tirelessly to stop this barbaric practice, and ensure that farmers do not have to fear their animals being condemned to a torturous and needlessly painful death. Please complete my survey to support my campaign.

Non-stun slaughter

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