Housing in Sherborne

The future of housing provision in Sherborne has given me cause for concern for some time since before I was elected, especially the provision of new homes for local, younger people. We tend to have two sorts of new housing in Sherborne. Larger, 3,4,5+ bedroom houses that are not affordable for young people or homes built; or properties for those who are retired. We also have the Sherborne Castle Estate proposing a new ‘West Sherborne’ development of in excess of 1,500 homes on the green land to the west of Lenthay.

One of the ways we can reset the imbalance to provide housing for local people who live and/or work here is through a Community Land Trust to provide these houses and I am so pleased that we are making progress with this in Sherborne, to the extent we will have a public meeting at the Digby Hall on Hound Street on 11th November at 7pm and I would very much encourage you to come if you can.



Sherborne Housing Survey

  • Current Sherborne CLT and West Sherborne development proposal survey
  • Your details
1- Do you support the Community Land Trust initiative to provide homes for people who live/ work here?
2- Are you able to come to the meeting on 11th November at 7pm in the Digby Hall?
3- If you are not able to come, would you be interested in becoming involved with the scheme?
4- Did you know of the West Sherborne development before this letter arrived?
5- Are you in favour of the West Sherborne development that has been proposed?