Chris Loder tells visitors to 'wake up' and stay at home


West Dorset MP Chris Loder tells visitors who are blatantly disregarding the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and Prime Minister to ‘wake up’ and to stay at home.

The MP’s message comes after crowds were gathering on the beach at Lyme Regis and at West Bay and at campsites over the weekend, putting themselves and others at risk with a total disregard for Government advice to stay at home or to keep a safe distance from others.

Chris Loder says: “We have a massive community movement going on here to help those in need and it is totally ignorant of visitors during this pandemic to not listen to the Government’s advice, thus making this important work more difficult and putting our community at increased risk. While there may not be many cases so far in Dorset, the community here is of a higher-than-average age and therefore much more vulnerable. I know it goes against the grain, but we must temporarily close the door to tourists until this pandemic has passed; and that means visitors need to listen to the advice, just as we do”.

The West Dorset MP says we must maximise local resources and minimise community risk and tourism only goes to aid a potentially deadly wave of Coronavirus. Already growing rapidly in other parts of the UK, Coronavirus is making its way from London on to the West, with the Hampshire County Council area now having the highest number of cases of any local authority area in the country, with 138 cases reported on Saturday.

Chris Loder says: “I really do need to get the message through – holidays are not essential in the current climate; however, it seems visitors do not yet understand that. Potentially bringing the virus and sharing it here with others is not something we’re geared up to cope with”.

Considerable numbers of people have raised concerns on social media this weekend from West Dorset’s popular tourist towns, such as Lyme Regis and Bridport and from neighbouring campsites who are concerned that visitors continue to flock in to the area after this weekend – seemingly oblivious to the impending crisis, even though the coffee shops, pubs and restaurants are closed. Diligent and sensible local communities are alarmed that, although they are maintaining social distancing within their neighbourhoods - as Government has advised, that visitors behave as though nothing has changed. With an aging demographic, the South West is set to be one of the most vulnerable to coronavirus and locals are worried.

Chris Loder continues: “We look forward to welcoming visitors back with open arms when we are through this current crisis, when our rolling countryside, Jurassic Coast and bustling market towns will give you a holiday to remember; but for now we ask you, please, to stay at home”.